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March 5, 2012

Three new Value Packs now available in the PlayStation Store!

Hot on the heels of last week’s sale, we’ve got three new Novus Prime Value Packs in the PlayStation Store with huge savings on bundles of our most popular items! You can find these Value Packs by going to the PlayStation Store from your PS3, then selecting New Releases and scrolling down to the PlayStation Home icon. Here’s what you can pick up today:

Novus Prime Spacewalk Pack – $4.99

Touch the sky with the Novus Prime Spacewalk Pack for PlayStation®Home! This bundle comes with everything you’ll need to float in zero-gravity in and outside of the Novus Prime space station. You’ll get the Zero-G Simulator jetpack, Spacewalk Propulsion Boots, Spacewalk Blaster Pistol to defend the station from the bot crawlers, plus the Turbo Matrix ship speed upgrade for only $4.99!

The Novus Prime Spacewalk Pack includes the following Novus Prime items for PlayStation®Home:

  • Spacewalk Propulsion Boots (Male & Female)
  • Zero-G Simulator (Male & Female)
  • Spacewalk Blaster Pistol (Male & Female)
  • Turbo Matrix Ship Engines Upgrade

Novus Prime Power Pack – $9.99

Get the edge over your opponents in Novus Prime for PlayStation®Home with the Novus Prime Power Pack! Boost your XP gains to 300% with Long-Term Memory Conditioning, expose your enemy’s weaknesses with the Enemy Scanner, decimate the Bots with the Codebreaker ship, and repel enemy shots with the Deflection Shield. You can also deck out your avatar with the Armored Leggings, Tech Goggles, and Conduit Pilot Gloves, plus four helmets and the lovable DataBot Jr. Companion. Over a $20 value for only $9.99!

The Novus Prime Power Pack includes the following Novus Prime items for PlayStation®Home:

  • Long-Term Memory Conditioning (+300% XP Booster)
  • Conduit Pilot Gloves (Male & Female)
  • Mental Conditioning Chamber furniture
  • Codebreaker Ship w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
  • Armored Pilot Leggings (Male & Female)
  • Deflection Shield ship upgrade
  • Tech Goggles (Male & Female)
  • Enemy Scanner ship upgrade
  • DataBot Jr. Companion
  • Flames Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
  • Tiger Stripes Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
  • Tribal Skulls Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)


Novus Prime Super Pack – $14.99

Play as the Obsidian race and unlock the ultimate sci-fi shooter experience in PlayStation®Home with the Novus Prime Super Pack! This deluxe bundle comes with the mysterious new Obsidian Pilot Suit, the lightning-fast Obsidian Blade Ship, the Officer’s Quarters personal space with all the furnishings (including the Novus Prime Stereo and seven pieces of sci-fi art to hang on your walls), plus the Bot Spider companion and Obsidian rune blades for your avatar. Over a $25 value for $14.99!

The Novus Prime Super Pack includes the following Novus Prime items for PlayStation®Home:

  • Officer’s Quarters Personal Space
  • Obsidian Pilot Suit
  • Obsidian Blade ship
  • Obsidian Rune Blades (Male & Female)
  • Novus Prime Stereo
  • Bot Spider Companion
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Blackwing
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Blade Lotus
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Codebreaker
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Gladius
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Kunai
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Witch Doctor
  • Novus Prime Concept Art: Adamant

Check out the PlayStation Store to get in on these deals, and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!



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