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Strategy Guide

Choosing Your First Fighter Ship

After completing the first mission: Test Drive, all recruits must choose their first fighter ships, which are provided to them at no cost. This guide goes over your initial choices, providing details on the features of each available ship. You will be able to purchase other fighter ships once you’ve got enough Nebulon, flying out for missions in whatever ship you’re in the mood for.

If you have already purchased the prototype stealth fighter known as the “Kunai”, it will be issued to you at this time, and there is no need to choose a ship. Enjoy piloting the fastest and most maneuverable fighter in the fleet!



The Gladius: An All-Around Balanced Fighter

Featuring a solid balance of speed, maneuverability, and assault capabilities, the Gladius is a good choice for players that want to be at the forefront of the offensive. Its special weapon is the Charged Shot: a front-mounted cannon that can dispense brutal damage in a single energy projectile. The fire button is held down to build up a charge, then released to launch the shot. This weapon is great against enemies with heavy shielding.  The Gladius can also be equipped with a defensive system known as the Repulsion Pulse, which can temporarily shut down enemy energy reserves, preventing them from firing weapons. The pulse is used by pressing the CIRCLE button.


……………………………………………………..The Witch Doctor: Augmenting Allied Ships

This supporting vessel can be equipped with all universal fighter weapons and bombs, but its main role is to boost the weapons and shielding for itself and other allied fighter ships. The Shield Boosting field can be deployed with the CIRCLE button, immediately applying a temporary boost to the shielding and weapon energy of any allied ship in its range. The Booster Beams can be activated by holding down its fire button to support an allied ship.



The Kunai: Elite Cloaked Assassins

This wicked prototype fighter has been released by an unknown corporation, sporting greater speed, durability, and maneuverability than any ship of its class.  This is also the only ship in existence that can cloak, utilizing a light-bending optic camouflage system along with disruptive signals that hide it from modern sensors. This ship also utilizes an invisible weapon known as the Pulse Shot, which can deal great damage through rapid shots at extremely close range.


The Bomb Family:


Three different bomb launchers can be mounted to the front weapon slots of the fighter ships. These include the Remote-Detonated Bomb, the Electromagnetic Bomb, and the Radiant Storm.  All three of these weapons launch a bomb from the front of the ship the moment you begin holding down the fire button.  The bomb continues to travel along, detonating when the fire button is released.  The detonation effect depends on the particular bomb: The Remote-Detonated Bomb explodes, instantly dealing major damage to nearby enemies.  The Electromagnetic Bomb erupts in a blanket of disruptive energy, shutting down enemy weapons and engines.  The Radiant Storm showers an area with crackling lightning, dealing gradual damage to all enemies caught within for several seconds.


Turret Weapons:


The Repeater Shot and Homing Missiles are both universal turret weapons. The turret can be aimed with the right analog stick, allowing players to fire in any direction. The Homing Missiles will lock onto a target you are pointing the turret gun at, attempting to seek the target as they fly. Missiles deal extra damage against enemy hulls, but are somewhat weaker against shields.  The Repeater Shot is strongest against enemy shielding, being somewhat weaker against hulls. If a second controller is activated, that player becomes your co-pilot, taking control of the turret guns.




There are two items in Novus Prime’s stores that increase a player’s rate of gains. Both types of boosters are purchased at the store kiosks in and around Hangar One. These include the Experience Booster (Mental Reception Conditioning) and the Nebulon Booster (Portable Nebulon Purifier). The Experience Booster increases experience point gains from defeating enemies to 150%. The Nebulon Booster increases all Nebulon gains from defeating enemies to 150%. Note that Nebulon is a valuable energy that is used as currency in Novus Prime. You may purchase and enhance weapons, ships, and upgrades by spending Nebulon.


Nebulon Magnet:

Nebulon Magnet Icon

Included with the purchase of the Power Mech-Suit is a device called the Nebulon Magnet. This little machine is automatically attached to all of your ships once you own it, where it has a high chance of pulling Nebulon towards your ship. Any Nebulon dropped by enemy ships or asteroids may be pulled by the magnet, greatly reducing the chance that you’ll miss pickups.


Enemy Profile – Meet the Infuser:

bot infuserThe Infuser is a member of the Bot fleet that is much more dangerous than it appears.  Alone, it is a medium-class fighter ship that poses little threat. When it has an ally nearby, it can infuse Nebulon energy into the ship’s hull, making it much more resistant to damage of all kinds. It is often a good idea to eliminate the Infuser before taking down the allied ship it is enhancing. Watch for a beam of purple energy and identify which direction it is flowing. Once you confirm where the energy beam is flowing from, you will have found the Infuser.


Enemy Profile – Meet the Tortoise:

bot tortoiseThe first thing you’ll probably notice when engaging these larger enemies is that they’re quite resistant to many weapons. The Bot Tortoise is equipped with massive shield generators that enable its spherical shielding to absorb many times more damage than usual. Even if the shield is brought down completely, the generators will quickly bring it back up. Concentrated firepower is needed to shut the shield down and breach the hull. The Gladius’ Charged Shot with a full charge can bring down these shields in one shot. Also remember that the Repeater Shot gets a bonus against shielding, and can be effective against the Tortoise if  focused. Another thing  you might notice is that the Tortoise often tries to protect one if its allies by getting in the way of your shots. A Tortoise paired up with an Infuser can be brutal!


Enemy Profile – Meet the Bombardier:

bot bombardierA fairly straight-forward, but dangerous enemy comes in the form of the Bot Bombardier.  This ship actively seeks to keep away from its foes, while maintaining a steady stream of fire with its powerful front-mounted cannon.  Tortoises in the area may attempt to protect Bombardiers, making for some deadly pairings. To predict where this ship will position itself, you must understand that it will attempt to maintain a particular distance from its target, and avoid moving unless necessary to keep that distance and facing in relation to the target. Knowing this, a player can make good use of bomb weapons such as the Radiant Storm and Remote-detonated Bomb to turn the tide.