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Latest developments


Novus Prime Ship Companions have arrived!

You asked for them, now they’re finally here: the Novus Prime Ship Companions! Available August 15 in North America, and in Europe and Japan next week.

Check out the trailer:


Double XP Weekend is August 3-5!

It’s Double XP Weekend in Novus Prime!

Earn twice the experience gains and join the top 1% of Novus Prime players to reach the elite rank of Commander at level 30! This global all-regions event starts this Friday, August 3 at 12:00 noon CST and ends at Sunday at 11:59pm CST, so don’t miss out!



HomeCast reviews Discobot XT6000

If you haven’t seen Discobot XT6000 in action yet, this episode of the HomeCast has some groovy footage at 3:33. And don’t forget to watch the newest HomeCast in the Community Theater for scenes from our Home Tycoon Q&A with AlphaZone4!


SCEA’s Nick Suttner visits Hellfire HQ

SCEA’s Nick Suttner stopped by the Hellfire Games offices this week to check out Home Tycoon!

Listen to the shout-out we got in this week’s PlayStation Blogcast around the 34-minute mark here: PlayStation Blogcast 029: Prometheus, Pinball, PlayStation E3 Wrap-up




maskara231 reaches 100 million points!

WOW! Congrats to our all-time top Novus Prime player maskara231 for reaching 100 million points on the leaderboards this week!

To celebrate this incredible achievement, maskara231 gets an exclusive Alpha Squadron Mech Suit and will be immortalized in the Novus Prime space station. Here’s to another 100 million!


E3 2012 exclusives: Discobot XT6000 & Nebulon Storage Backpack

Celebrate E3 2012 with Discobot XT6000 and the Nebulon Storage Backpack in PlayStation Home’s Virtual E3 Booth this week!


Alpha Squadron Arsenal now available in PS Home!

It’s here! The Alpha Squadron Arsenal is now available in Novus Prime, including the Twin Pulse Cannons, Disruption Shot Pistols, Handheld Arc Drill, and Avatar Projection System.

Check out the new arsenal in action:

And check out KaptinFathead’s fan video showcase of the new Alpha Squadron Arsenal items to get a closer look:


Save big on Novus Prime outfits this week in North America!

Two of Novus Prime‘s most popular outfits are on sale this week only! Save 40% on the mysterious Obsidian Pilot outfit & Blade fighter ship bundle, and take futuristic fashion to the next level with the Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit for 50% off.

And don’t forget, owners of the Obsidian Pilot outfit save 20% on the new Obsidian Bladewalker suit! Visit the Novus Prime space station today, and act fast – this sale ends Sunday, May 13th!


A new shipment of game-enhancing items has arrived!

Novus Prime gets its newest shipment of game-enhancing outfits and virtual items this week!

Suit up as the new Obsidian Bladewalker foot soldier with four custom animations, holographic weapon, and a permanent XP bonus in Novus Prime. Owners of the Obsidian Pilot outfit get a 20% discount!

Gain the golden touch with the new gold-plated Midas Reactive Defense System and get a 25% Nebulon collection bonus when you own the entire outfit! Power up your avatar with the sleek new Ion Stream Power Armor, and show off your deadly side with the newest Obsidian technology available to the Earth Fleet: the Obsidian Throwing Star.

Warp to the Novus Prime space station today to check out all the new gear and Join the Fight!


Novus Prime Starter Pack now available on PSN!

Our latest value pack is now live in the PlayStation Store this week: the Novus Prime Starter Pack! You can find the Starter Pack, along with our other three Value Packs (Spacewalk Pack, Super Pack, and Power Pack) by going to the PlayStation Store from your PS3, selecting New Releases, and scrolling down to the PlayStation Home icon. Here’s what you’ll get with the Starter Pack:

Novus Prime Starter Pack – $4.99

Gear up in Novus Prime for PlayStation®Home with everything you need to join the fight! The Novus Prime Starter Pack includes the fearsome Kunai ship with matching helmet, Radiant Storm and Ion Beam weapons with Ion Cannon male & female avatar accessories, and the universe-expanding Escalation Mission Pack. Save 50% off the standard price with this bundle for only $4.99!

The Novus Prime Starter Pack includes the following Novus Prime items for PlayStation®Home:

  • Novus Prime: Escalation Mission Pack
  • Kunai Fighter Ship
  • Radiant Storm Ship Weapon
  • Ion Beam Ship Weapon
  • Ion Cannons (Male)
  • Ion Cannons (Female)
  • Military Helmet (Male)
  • Military Helmet (Female)

Check out the PlayStation Store to get in on these deals, and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter!