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January 25, 2012

Novus Prime Value Packs on PSN

Save big on our Novus Prime bundles, now available on the web in the PlayStation Store! Including:

Novus Prime Spacewalk Pack ($4.99)

Spacewalk Propulsion Boots (Male)
Spacewalk Propulsion Boots (Female)
Zero-G Simulator (Male)
Zero-G Simulator (Female)
Spacewalk Blaster Pistol (Male)
Spacewalk Blaster Pistol (Female)
Turbo Matrix Ship Engines Upgrade

Novus Prime Starter Pack ($4.99)

Military Helmet (Male)
Military Helmet (Female)
Kunai Fighter Ship
Radiant Storm Ship Weapon
Ion Beam Ship Weapon
Ion Cannons (Male)
Ion Cannons (Female)
Escalation Mission Pack

Novus Prime Power Pack ($9.99)

Long-Term Memory Conditioning
Conduit Pilot Gloves (Male & Female)
Mental Conditioning Chamber
Codebreaker Ship w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
Armored Leggings w/ Deflection Shield (Male & Female)
Tech Goggles w/ Enemy Scanner (Male & Female)
DataBot Jr. Companion
Flames Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
Tiger Stripes Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)
Tribal Skulls Paint Job w/ Helmet (Male & Female)

Novus Prime Super Pack ($14.99)

Obsidian Pilot Suit (Male & Female)
Obsidian Blade ship
Obsidian Rune Blades (Male & Female)
Officer’s Quarters Personal Space
Bot Spider Companion
Novus Prime Stereo
Novus Prime Concept Art: Blackwing
Novus Prime Concept Art: Blade Lotus
Novus Prime Concept Art: Codebreaker
Novus Prime Concept Art: Gladius
Novus Prime Concept Art: Kunai
Novus Prime Concept Art: Witch Doctor
Novus Prime Concept Art: Adamant
+ more!

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