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March 26, 2011


Novus Prime: Escalation invades PlayStation Home March 31

We’re proud to announce Novus Prime: Escalation, our biggest update ever, launches in PlayStation Home on March 31 with all-new missions, enemies, weapons, companion bots, daily/weekly/monthly leaderboards, mission and tutorial voiceovers, avatar items, zero-gravity personal space, private hangar, and tons more!

Novus Prime: Escalation brings a new series of missions to challenge even the most seasoned space pilots, complete with Elite versions of each. You’ll be able to acquire new weapons and items for your ship and personal avatar, purchase the brand new Officer’s Quarters personal space (with zero-gravity simulator), complete your pilot’s outfit with the Armored Pilot’s Leggings (complete with Deflection Shield ship upgrade), play private games and check out your upgraded ship up-close in the new private hangar, and much more.

Check out the official Novus Prime: Escalation thread on the PlayStation Home forums to join the discussion with fans, and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for a chance to win free stuff in our launch celebration giveaways!







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