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February 27, 2012

Get 30-50% off select items this week in North America!

Big sale this week for our US fans! Get select items 30-50% off in Novus Prime through Sunday, including both Mech suits, all three paint-job & helmet bundles, the Escalation mission pack, and more.

The following Novus Prime items are on sale:

  • Power Mech Suit with Nebulon Magnet (30% off)
  • Rogue Mech Suit with Nebulon Bonus (30% off)
  • Codebreaker Ship & Helmet Bundle (35% off)
  • Armored Pilot’s Leggings with Deflection Shield (35% off)
  • Mini-Mech and Lil’ Sis Companions (50% off)
  • Flames Paint-job & Helmet Bundle (50% off)
  • Tiger Stripes Paint-job & Helmet Bundle (50% off)
  • Tribal Skulls Paint-job & Helmet Bundle (50% off)
  • Novus Prime: Escalation Mission Pack (50% off)

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