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Novus Prime Lore

First Contact

Several months ago, the remnants of a small spacecraft were discovered in Earth’s orbit. A team from a tiny manned orbital station investigated, returning with a sealed pod they found within the wreckage.   An unseen being within the pod beseeched them for help, communicating through a series of images transmitted to the station’s screens.   The crew did what they could, bringing what items they could find and handing them over to the newcomer.

An alien rescue vessel arrived within 48-hours, coming in the form of a small craft resembling a jagged blade. The pod requested to be transferred to the ship, projecting its gratitude in many languages. The encounter was designated Top Secret, and the crew was ordered to remain silent.

A New Threat

Many weeks passed without incident, and just as the crew began thinking that they’d never see their mysterious guest again, a squad of the blade-like ships appeared on their sensors, with a monstrous metal hulk in-tow. The visitors came bearing a gift of gratitude, though the package had clearly seen better days. The crew was informed over radio in broken English that they would be receiving a new space station, which would be essential for fighting “The Enemy.”

As an army of machines built a space station out of the burnt-out hulk, vague information regarding the oncoming invasion was sent to the station crew. The foes were described as “relentless,” “limitless,” and “without life.” Three weeks passed with no further communication from the alien benefactors. The new station reached the point where it could safely be occupied by humans, and the small orbital from Earth was brought aboard. Helpful speaking robots greeted the crew, informing them that they would be assisting with all their needs for the upcoming defense of the nearby planet. The crew aided the robots in designing the aesthetics and human comforts of the station, knowing that they had been drafted for the greatest responsibility any being from their species had ever known: These twelve men and women had become the first line of defense against the biggest invasion in the history of mankind.

First Strike

The first wave of automated enemy craft was a small expeditionary force, clearly sent to terminate what little resistance the primitive Earth might offer. The enemy squadrons had barely begun their bombardment of major cities when they were met by the twelve crewmen from the station, piloting high-tech fighters built by the station.   After a grueling battle, the scouting force was defeated, and the entire planet is now painfully aware that we are not alone in the galaxy.

Preparations for War

Recruitment efforts to bring in new pilots began within days of the first strike, continuing to the present day. The best and brightest of Earth have been summoned to the station to serve their planet, from soldiers to scientists. For many, life now revolves around the gargantuan fortress, which has been named “Novus Prime,” standing firm as the last line of defense against invaders. A new economy has even developed there, as humanity’s enterprising nature pushed its emphasis skyward.

A Very Uncertain Future

As the human force fights off the oncoming enemies, many questions still hang in the darkness of space. When will the brunt of the automated fleet appear? What became of the mysterious benefactors? And most importantly, just how long will the station be able to hold out?