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Novus Prime: Escalation invades PlayStation Home March 31

We’re proud to announce Novus Prime: Escalation, our biggest update ever, launches in PlayStation Home on March 31 with all-new missions, enemies, weapons, companion bots, daily/weekly/monthly leaderboards, mission and tutorial voiceovers, avatar items, zero-gravity personal space, private hangar, and tons more!

Novus Prime: Escalation brings a new series of missions to challenge even the most seasoned space pilots, complete with Elite versions of each. You’ll be able to acquire new weapons and items for your ship and personal avatar, purchase the brand new Officer’s Quarters personal space (with zero-gravity simulator), complete your pilot’s outfit with the Armored Pilot’s Leggings (complete with Deflection Shield ship upgrade), play private games and check out your upgraded ship up-close in the new private hangar, and much more.

Check out the official Novus Prime: Escalation thread on the PlayStation Home forums to join the discussion with fans, and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for a chance to win free stuff in our launch celebration giveaways!








Sneak peek at the upcoming Officer’s Quarters

Can’t wait for the new Officer’s Quarters apartment in the next Novus Prime update? Take a look at the concept art for some clues on what’s coming:

Officer's Quarters concept art

Be sure to check out our full Novus Prime concept art gallery at and tell us what you think!


New Ship, Weapon, and Spacewalk Gear Arriving Tomorrow!

codebreaker ship

Earth Fleet scouts have reported sightings of very large fighter ships among the enemy armada. Evidence also suggests that all bot vessels are being outfitted with new weapons. In response, a new shipment of gear is arriving at Novus Prime. The commercially-built fighter ship known as the Codebreaker leads the new arrivals. Outfitted with the latest in defensive shielding technology, the Codebreaker disrupts nearby AI systems, turning bot ships into allies. A specialized interface helmet is included, which may be worn at any time.


ion cannons

New weapon technology: Capable of dealing out massive damage, the Ion Beam is a turret-mounted cannon that fires upon the turret’s target for as long as the fire button is held. Once the beam connects, it takes a few seconds to reach the maximum damage potential. If you buy the Ion Beam you also get the Ion Blaster Cannons. Slip these cannons over your arms and feel the power of a thousand suns!


jetpack and boots

Looking to experience the ultimate freedom? Now you can with the Zero-gravity Simulator jet pack! With this on your back, you can float freely throughout the space station. And if you want an extra speed boost, grab a pair of Propulsion Boots. The Propulsion Boots also include the Turbo-Matrix Speed Booster which can be equipped to a ship’s upgrade slot to significantly increase its top speed.


databot jr & lil sis

Two new companions are now available! Say hello to DataBot Jr., a highly-portable companion bot that hovers over all terrain, following diligently as your faithful pal. It also fits into most overhead storage compartments.


rogue mech suit

These Rogue Mech Suits were recovered from an abandoned outpost that was believed to be operated by space pirates. They are fully operational and should not require oil changes for at least 3,000 miles.


Companion and New Jackets Incoming!

jackets and mini-mech

Home’s December 16th update will feature an update for Novus Prime! The Mini-Mech companion will be available for purchase in our stores, ready to diligently watch over you during your travels. Pilots that have attained level 12 will be rewarded with the Airman’s Jacket (far left in image), and level 20 pilots will receive the Captain’s jacket (far right in image). This update will also include changes to the space shooter game and Spacewalk, so get over to the Novus Prime station on the double!


Novus Prime game trailer is now online

An unexpected extraterrestrial contact bears an ominous warning. When an invading fleet comes to attack Earth, will you be there to defend the planet? View the trailer below and read more about the game here. Join the Fight on December 2nd!